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Guaranteed weight loss, or your money back!

Weight Loss Management

We are thrilled at OPIUM to have Sarah as part of our team.

Weight loss is something we have all tried at some stage of our life.
Sarah works closely with each client on a one-to-one basis.
We are all very unique. In our minds, bodies and lifestyles.
Sarah offers a bespoke once a week program just for you as an individual, not as a group or number. You have to work with Sarah as well, it’s a partnership to achieve the body you have always wanted!

Four Week Tailored-Made Package


Week One

Full consultation, Biosignature hormone analysis, posture analysis and overview of nutrition, training and lifestyle plan.
Stretches and correctives will be incorporated and first training session will be done.
Two week insulin detox will begin.

Week Two

Programming will begin,
Biosignature report, supplement protocol and relevant articles will be emailed.
Any questions will be run through and she will make sure that you are on track with nutrition and lifestyle changes.
Cheat meal on day 15!
We will begin to bring certain foods back into your diet.

Week Three

Session intensity will start to increase, we will continue to go through any questions you may have, and coaching will be given to support you through the lifestyle change.
Further foods will be introduced into your diet.

Week Four

Review time!
Biosignature will be completed then we can monitor your progress.
Sessions will be progressed and your plan will be altered on a regular basis until you reach your goal.


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