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KeraStraight Treatment at Opium in Cheshire

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KeraStraight ULTIMATE combines speed, ease and simplicity with KeraStraight’s award winning straightening and repairing proteins.

The KeraStraight Keratin Treatment is an innovative process that transforms the hair. The hair treatment is keratin based, the primary protein of your skin, hair and nails. This natural substance enables your hair to return to its original healthy, shiny and smooth condition. Unlike other hair straightening products, KeraStraight Keratin Treatment smoothes your hair without damaging or changing its structure. The treatment can be use on all hair types, including hair that has been chemically treated i.e. coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached.

Because the Keratin treatment does not contain Formaldehyde, it will not straighten your hair until it is flat and lifeless, but it will leave it straighter and smoother. If you have frizzy hair or tight curls it will loosen and smooth them so you can then just wash and leave – plus it makes it VERY easy to blow-dry your straight.

Short Length Hair (To Jawline)

1hr 30 mins - £120

Medium Length Hair (Jawline to Shoulders)

2hr - £200

Long Length Hair (Past Shoulders)

2hr 30 mins - £250

30 Day Conditioning Treatment


Fringe Treatment



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